Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Two words sum up this movie...LET DOWN. For some crazy reason I was under the impression this movie was going to be a re-make of the old Disney cartoon...not even close. It was a totally different story of Alice going back to 'Wonderland' as a teenager, having forgotten her trip there as a child. Dumb. Also, all the excitement and hype over the Mad Hatter's character played by Johnny Depp was a huge disappointment. His lines weren't even funny and neither was his interpretation, or Tim Burton's should I say, of the Mad Hatter himself. Simply put, the previews were the most entertaining scenes of the entire film. The rest was slow and boring. As far as seeing it in 'Disney digital 3-D', the visuals were mildly entertaining at best. I think my biggest regret was paying close to $30 for the both of us to be bored and anxious for the movie to be over. I mean, some of the most classic lines from the old Disney cartoon weren't even used at all in the film. I kept waiting for "I'm late, I'm late...for a very important date...". Or the Cheshire Cat to say, "that depends on where you want to get..." in response to Alice questioning him where she should go. Either way, this movie would have been a million times better if Tim Burton had followed the old Disney cartoon storyline and took a more 'Sweeny Todd', muscial approach, minus all the blood and body parts of course.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shutter Island

We LOVE Leo!! However, I do not like scarry movies. Larry wanted to see this sooo badly so I agreed and was pleasantly surprised! This was more of a thriller and a suspence film. you spent the whole movie trying to figure out what was really going on which was fun! Great Character development. Leo is just always so beleivable, it's awesome! There were a few graphic images which I could have gone without seeing. Leo's character has served in WWII so there were some disturbing holocaust images. And a few F words. Besides that, this was a very entertaining and well made movie!